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Questions for Couples: Ideas and questions for quality conversations

Questions for Couples: Ideas and questions for quality conversations

My favourite stage in a friendship/relationship is the point where you can skip the pleasantries and skip right to meaningful conversations. But getting to the good stuff requires both parties to be vulnerable. It requires asking the right questions. Cristian and I have been together for 4+ years and I’m always surprised when I learn something new about him – there is ALWAYS something new to learn. Ever since we got our puppy Fudge, we’ve spent so much more quality time together. More quality time means less time on our phones and it’s given us time to explore the questions that bring us closer. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few questions for couples to get you started. For the full set of questions, you can grab a copy of my Questions for Couples book.

Quiz questions for couples

  1. Which celebrities would your partner kiss, marry and shag?
  2. What’s your partner’s favourite childhood past time?
  3. Did your partner have imaginary friends growing up?
  4. If your partner could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would he/she be?
  5. Who is your partner’s celebrity hall pass?

Fill in the blank questions for couples

  1. When we had our first kiss, I felt…
  2. I knew we had something special when….
  3. The first time I saw you, I felt…
  4. When I look at your sometimes, I still feel…
  5. I love you most when you…

Questions to bring you and your partner closer

  1. Are you happy right now? Why or why not?
  2. What can I do to make you feel loved and appreciated?
  3. What can I do every day to make you feel special?
  4. What’s stressing you out right now?
  5. What can I do to make life easier for you?
  6. Is there anything about our relationship you’d like to work on?
  7. Do you feel you get enough time to do the things you love?
  8. Do you think we spend enough time together?
  9. What can we do to improve our relationship?
  10. Is there anything you’ve been meaning to tell me?

It wasn’t until I had my bachelorette party that I realised just how little I knew about my husband. Don’t get me wrong. We didn’t rush into marriage or anything but there were little things I didn’t know. Little things

like his favourite song or whether he had stitches as a kid. Those little details about a person define

them. They’re fun to know. They’re important. Questions for Couples is dedicated to the little things. Have fun with the writing prompts, quizzes and the truth or dare challenges.

Tips for having quality conversations:

  1. Allocate a time, like date night.
  2. Pick a time where you’re at your best. The best conversations happen when you’re not stressed and tired from a hard day’s work.
  3. If you know it may be a tense conversation, think about what outcome you want to achieve. Then think about your delivery.
  4. Ask questions and be prepared to listen.
  5. Create a safe space. Make it known that you’ve got your partner’s back, no matter what.


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