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Paper Gift Ideas for Your First Wedding Anniversary

Paper Gift Ideas for Your First Wedding Anniversary

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If you’ve made it to your first wedding anniversary – congrats! Everyone says the first year is meant to be your honeymoon year but for me, it was a year of growing pains and teething issues. Whether you spent the year finding your feet as newlyweds or in wedded bliss, here are some paper gift ideas for your first anniversary. Why paper? It’s a tradition to gift your spouse a gift with paper. The paper represents pages of your love story and the first year marks the end of the first chapter.

There are so many paper gifts you can give your spouse i.e. journals, framed print. Here are a few of our favourites:

Love Notes: Scratch & Reveal

Who doesn’t love a scratchie? Except with these little love coupons, everyone is a winner. Place a sticker over the secret message and deliver with love. This pack of 20 love notes is filled with coupons that they’ll actually use. Think a ‘Pass on a social gathering’ or ‘A day where you get to skip the dishes’.  Buy the Scratch & Reveal Love Notes. 

Questions for Couples

Think you really know your spouse? Know when they had their first kiss? Do they believe in ghosts?  This book is a bonding tool that helps couples shut off from their digital devices and focus on each other. Check out what people are saying about this ‘Questions for Couples’ book on Amazon. See also Quizzes for Couples.

Manly Love Notes Printable | Last Minute Paper Anniversary Gift

In a rush to find a paper gift for your first wedding anniversary? Yikes! We’ve all been there before. These printable notes are an instant present. Just print, download and you’re ready to go. The printables come with written notes/coupons but there are also blank ones you can write on. Cut them up, place them in a nice envelope and you’re ready to go! Grab your Manly Love Notes Printable.


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