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Dating Mindset Will Ruin Your Relationship

Dating Mindset Will Ruin Your Relationship


Hi, welcome back to the channel. So my name is Iona and today we’re talking about 1 mindset that will wreck your love life.

So if you’re familiar with my work, you know that I am all about the dating mindset and how having the perfect mindset will attract the right relationship into your life. So today we’re gonna talk about the opposite. We’re gonna talk about a mindset that you should not have. So if any of these 3 things resonate with you, it’s time to shift your mindset and just re-collaborate, before you go back into the dating scene, especially post lockdown.

#1 – Life can start when…

Life can start when I have that career… Life can start when all my family are together… Life can start when I finally meet that partner… Well no, life has to start now, because you never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow, and you never know what kind of relationship you’re gonna have. You never know when that person is gonna come into your life. So what are you going to do, waste all these days until you meet that person?

No, now is the time to create that perfect life, so that when your partner, when you meet that someone to join you, you will have a better time. Everything will already be in place. You know, you just inviting this person into your already fabulous life. So, life starts right now, not when the right circumstances come along. Because there’s no such thing as a perfect scenario. When you meet that person, that guy or that girl, problems are still going to come. It’s just you can have an additional person in your life. So, brings me back to my next point. Another sign that you have a terrible dating mindset:

#2 – All my troubles will go away when…

All my troubles will go away when this person comes into my life. When I meet someone, all my troubles will go away. We can say this all the time. All my troubles will go away when I make more money. All my troubles will go away when I relocate and get out of the city. All my troubles will go away when I meet the one. Problems never go away, that’s not life.

Life is just a rollercoaster of ups and downs. And you can bet that when this person comes into your life, all your troubles may go away, for maybe 10 minutes, but new issues will replace your existing troubles. Having that someone into your life, won’t make your life perfect. You guys will have arguments, conflict. You guys will have challenges to go through, separately and together. So troubles don’t go away when that someone comes in, you’ll just get a new set of troubles. There are always gonna be challenges. That’s life.

#3 – I’ll be happy when…

I will be happy when I make 10K a month. I will be happy when I meet this person. I will be truly content when I’m married, for example. And this is a terrible mindset to have, because your happiness is dependent on other factors that are outside of you. So, I always say this. You are responsible for your own happiness. You should not be depending on other people to make you happy.

Because think about that. If you put your happiness in other people’s hands, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable. What if those people leave? I mean, as a matter of fact what if they move away? What if their intentions are ill? And you know, that puts you in a very open position; that you cannot make yourself happy; that you have to have other factors and other people who can help you achieve that. So that’s a terrible dating mindset to have because you should know how to make yourself happy.

So those are 3 kind of sayings. If you find yourself saying those 3 things, then you probably need a mindset check.

So I’ll leave a link below, there’s a free course that I’m offering, just a mini mindset makeover. And if it’s helpful for you, please share it with a friend or let me know in the comments section. So, I hope you enjoyed this video.

Oh, another thing that I can help you with is, I have a dating workbook. So if you want to check into your mindset, and if you’re like the kind of person who likes to put pen to paper, and just to reevaluate where you’re at in your dating state of mind, where you’re at in your current life, what you want to achieve in your love life and your relationships then check out the book on Amazon. 

And as always, if you like this video, if you like the content, please, like, and subscribe, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks, bye.

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