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A Love Story of Serendipity

A Love Story of Serendipity

Noosa wedding

Once in awhile life surprises you with a great love. An eternal optimist and hopeless romantic, I love Valentine’s Day. Yes it may be a commercial reason to sell cards and chocolates but I don’t care. Bring on the flowers, sweet nothings and homemade cookies. I love learning how couples met and fell in love and so this month, I’ll be featuring love stories that will make your heart melt a little.

In times where couples get together with an app or through a series of emails and chats, it’s so refreshing to hear about couple who meet by chance – serendipity.

Meet Luke & Jacqui. 

The Meet Cute

It was a meeting of chance – one phone call would lead to a meeting that would kick off a beautiful beginning of a love story. After a few years of living between Australia and the UK, Luke Humble finally decided to try a life in Australia.

He’d just launched a graphic design company but realised his skills were not up to scratch. To keep up with the competition, he sought the help of a local university in hopes of hiring a recent graduate. One day, he received a call from a university graduate by the name of Jacqui Robinson. Shy and timid, Jacqui explained that she had been asked to contact him through her aunty who worked at the university as she had already graduated. Luke explained to her that he would like to give her a trial and that he would send through an email with instructions.

A week passed and Luke received what was a beautiful example of pure graphical design skill and was now in love (with the designs). Immediately he contacted Jacqui to arrange a meeting in person and chose a favourite spot of his at a cafe on the beach.

Luke arrived to a very beautiful woman who thankfully didn’t appear upset that he was a little late. They spent the next hour or so talking about design, music preferences, travel and throughout Luke was trying very hard not to flirt with her even if she was clearly attracted to him as well.

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Jacqui went away on a sailing ship called the Young Endeavour for a few weeks shortly after the meeting. Distance it seems does make the heart grow fonder as they both thought about each other during this time. No sooner did she arrive home Luke asked her out for a drink to a local bar and they sat next to each other chatting the entire night (6am to be more precise). Little did they know that they were starting out on a road that would bring them together.


They’ve been blissfully married for 2 years and Luke tells me: “It’s the best decision l have ever made in my life, only wish we had met sooner so l would have longer with Jacqui!”. You can read about their engagement and watch their video – a beautiful Noosa wedding.

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