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The Best Time to Pick Up Women

The Best Time to Pick Up Women

I’ve been reading a few posts out there on how unapproachable women are these days. We’re described as snobby and ‘up ourselves’ when really, most of us just don’t want to be groped and approached with cheesy insincere one-liners. My favourite male blogger James Sama sums it up quite nicely. Most women are unapproachable because a few sleazy men have taken the fun out of picking up. It’s why so many have resorted to Tinder – it’s a safety net for guys who fear rejection and a filtering system to weed out the creepy guy you’d see at a nightclub because…well, there’s always one.  And so if you’ve been guilty of doing such thing or are a tad shy when it comes the meeting them, there’s a guy who can help. His name is Nick and we love him. Nick is a dating coach at the School of Attraction. Here he tells us why summer is the best time to pick up women.

Do you think Summer is a better time to pick up women? Why?

It appears that in many ways Winter is the time for cuddles and hibernation and Summer is for play. Summer definitely provides more opportunities to meet beautiful women during the day! There is something about that first Spring day when the city fills with beautiful women that appeared to disappear over Winter.

What would make a girl appear approachable?

A woman wandering along the street, appearing not to be in a rush, strolling and looking around. Someone who’d be receptive to a conversation. Body language and general demeanour comes into it, but as long as they don’t look like they’re on a focused mission, I say approach.

What do you think the best pick up line is?

Hello is a great place to start. However, a genuine, authentic, well timed and personalised compliment can work wonders!

What are guys doing wrong?

There are so many guys doing ‘DayGame’ incredibly badly, but with a little guidance and practice they can dramatically improve their interactions. Unfortunately there are a number of groups around Sydney that go out in large numbers and approach women in a disrespectful manner, without social calibration and essentially do nothing positive for them or the women they interact with.

A few basic points….

  • Let them know you’re (physically) there before your introduction, so you don’t scare them by appearing out of nowhere
  • Don’t be confrontational and don’t block the ability for a woman to get away from you
  • Have grounded, open body language, especially when opening a conversation
  • Smile!

Do you think more girls are becoming unapproachable?

Beautiful women always have their guard up to filter out the wrong guys. If you approach well and act congruent to your personality, the guard should drop fairly quickly. I think there will always be challenging women and it’s the responsibility of the man to be capable enough to get through those challenges.

During the day, you need to open because it’s always unexpected. You have very little time to make a good impression but once you do, you’re most likely in.

How do you handle rejection?

A man will always receive rejection in his life, whether with women or in other areas. It is part of life, but the trick is not letting it affect your state. I see some guys that are elated after a positive interaction, but incredibly down after a negative result. Shit will happen. Learn to deal with it effectively.

What happens after the pick up?

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The ‘pickup’ is a means to an end. It only provides a phone number and an avenue to a first date.

What’s the difference between picking up and having a girlfriend?

The 2 are as polar opposites to each other and I think there are limited commonalities between the 2 concepts.

How do you define success?

When we’re discussing DayGame, success can be measured in a number of ways, but as a logical being, quantitative results are easy. The simplest way to look at it is to count the number of phone numbers the guy initially receives. Then look at the rate which those numbers are flaking (i.e. the woman doesn’t respond to phone calls or texts or setting up a date isn’t possible).  Then you can look at the number of 1st dates, followed by the number of 2nd and 3rd dates.

The above are just a few of the answers we’re looking for, but the information gained allows a coach to narrow down where the client might be having issues. Saying that, these answers are just the starting point.


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