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Stalking Your Ex’s Girlfriend

Stalking Your Ex’s Girlfriend

social-media-stalking Dating Diaries – Stalking Your Ex’s Girlfriend

 I don’t know if it’s boredom or curiosity, maybe a little bit of both but since I found out my boyfriend has moved on with a new girlfriend, I’ve been casually stalking her with consistency. It’s kind of like checking the daily weather. You look at it out of habit so you can prepare for the events ahead…events like an engagement. So here’s how I’ve been stalking my ex’s girlfriend.

It’s not always easily fitting this into my schedule. You don’t want to get caught looking like a crazy ex girlfriend so I typically like to do this at home away from peering eyes on my daily commute to work. I came across her social media profile by chance on Instagram and because they all link together, my stalking grounds bred like a cold on steroids. Not only did I need to check Instagram but also her Snapchat, Twitter, Vine AND LinkedIn. All this is time consuming you see – which is why I’ve imposed a stalking quota. 

I’m not sure why I care she had quinoa porridge for breakfast yesterday considering my idea of a healthy breakfast is fruit flavoured cheerios. At least I have a quota for stalking her on social media – a max of once a day…and that’s when I really have nothing to do. Mostly, I only check up on her (more so than my ex, he’s boring) once a week. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not curious about her because I still pine for my ex. I think there’s an innate curiosity to know who has replaced me, if their relationship was like ours…if we’re anything alike. It’s like leaving a job and needing to know your successor was good but in a different way than you. You don’t want to be ‘replaced’, you want to be remembered. Same goes with relationships I guess. Anyway, she’s attractive- the epitome of your Aussie beach girl – sun kissed skin without the wrinkles from sun damage, slim and petite with a rear end Pippa Middleton would envy. She’s seems like a good catch – career driven, very active and smiles like she means it. I also love that she doesn’t seem to like selfies. There aren’t any images of them together either but my thoughts on this are neutral. I care about her more than I do ‘them’ anyway. 

Does my boyfriend know I do this? Nope. If he ever caught me doing this, he’d just assume she was on my ‘Favourites’ list, you know, people I check up on every week so check I haven’t missed any drool worthy snaps to aspire to. He doesn’t need to know. Girls naturally compare themselves with each other any way and my intent is certainly not malicious. He was going to move on eventually and at least he did it with someone seemingly great (at least on social media). It’s indicative of his good taste. 

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Do you think I should stop my regular check ins on my ex’s new gf? Do you stalk your ex’s girlfriend? Leave a note. 

x – Nat

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