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Chivalry is Not Dead. See What it Looks Like Around the World

Chivalry is Not Dead. See What it Looks Like Around the World

Think chivalry is dead? It probably just looks different. See What Chivalry Looks Like Around the World

chivalry-around-the-globeWe don’t want to generalise here but with all of our dating experiences combined, we’ve learned that dating is different everywhere you go. Since there were so many subtle differences we decided to hone in on the one closest to our hearts – chivalry. Why? Because we really want to believe it’s not dead. Well read on. Maybe chivalry is not dead – perhaps chivalry just comes in different forms. Read on and you’ll get an idea of what chivalry around the world.   

On Dating Australian Men

Amy: The typical Aussie bloke doesn’t do chivalry- not in the traditional sense. They’ll help you out with things like they’d help a mate but it’s not innate for them to hold a door, let you walk on the inside of the street. 

In general, they’re fun, cheeky and charming so much so that there’s a nicknamed coined just for them – the ‘Larrikin’ – not to be mistaken by lorikeets (the bird)… although they both love to make a statement.

Sasha: Quiet achievers. They don’t like grand romantic gestures but they’ll do things when it counts. They’re not chivalrous but more practical…like if you need that big Ikea cupboard assembled – they’ll be there.

Rhiannon: They’re laid back and will treat you like they’d treat a mate. So if you’re looking to be romanced, you probably need to help him out. It also depends on where you’re from – Brisbane guys will take you out to a casual pub in their thongs and shorts whereas guys from Sydney will make more of an effort with their clothing, cologne…etc. Underneath it all though, they’re the same guy. 

On Dating Asian Men

Amy: Old fashioned, traditional. They know how to date…and I don’t mean casual dating. I’m not sure if it’s from family pressure to be a Doctor/Pharmacist/Account, settle down and have kids but I find less Asian men tend to want to date casually. 

Sasha: I’ve never dated one but they seem lovely, well mannered. 

Rhiannon: I agree! Asian men do not get the credit they deserve. They’re responsible, have strong family values (from my experience) and they spoil their girlfriends with handbags, dinners and lavish gifts. 

On Dating South African Men

Amy: They’ll hold your car door open and never let you pay. They’ll ask you out so there’s no confusion about their ‘intention’….way different from Aussie guys who keep you wondering if your ‘hang out’ has romantic intentions. 

Sasha: Very manly and well mannered. Domineering. 

Rhiannon: Can’t comment on this one except for their good looks and hot accent. 

On Dating New Zealanders

Amy: They have mores respect for women than their Aussie neighbours. I’ve dated a few of them and they are very thoughtful. They’ll put the effort in and won’t think twice about letting their friends know about it. Chivalry still exists. 

Sasha: I think Amy is the only one who can comment on this one. =) 

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Rhiannon: Yep. 

On Dating South American Men 

Amy: South American men are full on. Expect to be wined and dined. Chivalry doesn’t = love or the way they feel about you though. It’s just the way they were brought up. 

Sasha: They are passionate and will give you the whole she-bang every single time. They take their time with their courtship and will make you feel like the only girl in the world. But…they do not have a good reputation for staying loyal. 

Rhiannon: They’ll write poems, spoil you with attention and will pursue you relentlessly till you give in. Enjoy it while it lasts. 

So chivalry comes in all forms but when it comes down to it – chivalry is just thoughtfulness. What do you think? 

*Based on our own experiences including a date with a Canadian who took one of us out to Hooters on the first date…Hooters!, because it was a ‘family’ restaurant. 


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