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15 Things that Happen in Your 30s

15 Things that Happen in Your 30s


15-things-you-learn-in-your-30sAnother birthday is looming and I’m fine with it. In fact, I stopped keeping track the year I turned 30. They say your 30s are your best years and so far, I have to agree. You get all the benefits of adulthood minus the responsibilities of having a family to care for (well, in my case). You’re likely to be at the prime of your career and so you have the cash to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Some things do happen when you hit 30+. Just a few here…

15 Things That Happen in Your 30s 

1.If you’re 30 and single, people will always wonder if there is something wrong with you

2.It doesn’t matter how successful you are in your career, your grandparents will always care about your relationship status the most. 

3. Witnessing the stress of organising and paying for weddings will make you rethink that big guest list and dream wedding

4.Your Facebook feed is filled with engagement photos, wedding photos and baby pictures. You contemplate deleting Facebook altogether

5. You have less patience for b.s. and flaky people 

6. If you are single, everyone will try to set you up with their friend/brother/real estate agent/lawyer

7. The dating pool does get smaller (don’t worry, good ones still just need to learn how to filter the ones that don’t suit you)

8. People in your age bracket will check to see if you have a ring on your finger

9. Not all married people are happily married

10. You don’t always marry the person you love

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11. You can love two people at the same time – just in different ways

12. You find new appreciation for your family 

13. Big nights out mean going home at midnight and then feeling ‘hungover’ the next day from lack of sleep

14. You have finally realised that tanning causes your skin to wrinkle early so you avoid it like the plague

15. Birthday parties are overrated after 30…until you turn 40


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