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The Disney Princess He Would Date – Insights to What Men Look For

The Disney Princess He Would Date – Insights to What Men Look For

disney-princesWe did something a little different this week. I’m not sure how this question came up but the answers certainly gave a lot of insight into things guys look for in women – it’s not just a pretty face. Apparently you need to have a bit more going than Cinderella’s good looks and Snow White’s shiny locks. You might be skeptical that we’ve chosen Disney princesses as a subject matter but take a look at the answers and you’ll discover the following things 1. These guys must have grown up watching fairytales too because used the plot of the story to come up with their decision. 2. It’s not all about looks. Confidence and character matter. 3. That damsel in distress act is dated. So if you decide to eat a poisoned apple and wait for a group of small men or a prince to come rescue you, you’ll be waiting awhile.

The questions we ask: If you had to date a Disney Princess, who would it be?

1. Belle. for me it’s because belle reads books and doesn’t read a book by it’s a cover – Ralph, 22

2. To me, I can’t judge on their looks as they all look good, except Ariel only because I don’t find redheads that attractive. I narrowed it down between Belle and Pocahontas.  Belle because she reads and is smart, independent, courageous and doesn’t care about outside appearances as much whereas most girls may go for the dumb handsome jock.  Although falling in love with a hairy beast…I’m not really into the bestiality thing

Pocahontas because she is noble, independent, wise and kind

Tough choice!

Ok I lean more towards Belle because she is smarter, courageous and not as superficial – Dan, 35

3. Pocahontas or Mulan. I like self dependent girls. The others need men to identify themselves. -Señor disponi or*, 27

4. Cinderella because she has no parents and would probably make a cheap date – Al, 34

5. I had a look through all the Disney Princesses and it appears in life as in cartoons I am a sucker for dark, sultry features. I have to go for Sultana Jasmine or Pocahontas. They also married commoners which I guess means they did it for love over money – Nick, 35

6. Pocahontas. I like the fact that she can handle herself and when I was young I liked cowboys and Indians and she is Indian right? And..she is a babe – Ted, 29

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7. Princess Jasmine…she’s a babe. – Alister, 29

8. I’d pick Pocahontas because she’s hot and doesn’t let people push her around. – Dan, 31

9. Cinderella. She already knows how to do the housework, she’d make a good wife. – Guy, 33

10. Well I can’t pick one based on looks because they are all pretty. So I’ll go with Mulan because she’s independent and decisive.

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