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Ben Harvey on How to Manifest Love

Ben Harvey on How to Manifest Love


If you met me now, you’d never know that 2 years ago, I struggled to get my life back on track. A chain of events gave my life a clean slate and in a day, everything (career, home, relationship) was a fresh start. I still remember, 3 months after a breakup my friend David introduced me to a Leadership Conference with Dr. Demartini (from the Secret) and Ben Harvey. At first I thought it was a business/career type event but I didn’t have a job at the time so it seemed like a fitting event to go to. What I didn’t realise was how much they’d changed my life and way of thinking. If I were to sum up the biggest learning – it’d be that your thoughts create reality and that everything starts from within. You create reality with your thoughts. It’s not about making a wish but simply about having faith in something and doing whatever it takes to achieve it. Some do actually manifest love.
I heard Ben Harvey speak a few months ago. He usually talks a lot about ‘living on purpose‘ but in the last event, he threw in a few stories on finding a partner. One that still stands out vividly in my mind. I might be missing a few details here but here it goes.
When Ben was practising Reiki, a woman came to him one day and said she was ready to meet someone. He asked her what she was looking for in a man and she told him her ‘list’. Then he told her to walk around the shopping centre she worked at – everyday as if that person was already in her life. He asked her to feel what it was like to have him in her life, what they’d talk about, what they’d have for lunch…etc. 6 months later, she went to visit Ben. All excited she said: ‘I feel it Ben, I feel it…I feel loved’.  Then Ben saw a man coming down the escalator, eyes on the woman Ben was speaking to. He approached her and said he’d never done anything like this before but had to approach her as she was the most beautiful thing he’d seen. He said that he’d regret it if he didn’t give her his number. She called him and they were married 6 months later. This is one of the many stories Ben has to share. We were lucky to grab a few minutes with Ben to find out how manifesting love really works.
1. In your events you talk a lot about manifesting your partner, that you have to feel like you already have them in your life. This may sound crazy to those who don’t believe it. What do you tell those naysayers?
Ben: In life it is best to focus on people that want to learn. The naysayers will work it out eventually.

2.Is your method like the Law of Attraction?

Ben: It could best be described as the scientific, biological explanation behind why your thoughts do in fact create elements of your reality.

3. You mentioned that it takes about 6 months to manifest a partner. Why 6 and not 3 or 9 or 12?

Ben: This is just what I have seen in general with people. This is usually about the time it takes for people to get the new neural networks wired into their mind and body and also for their cells to begin to develop a desire for the new vibration being created in the nervous system.

4. Ok. So if one were to take your advice and find your partner, how would you go about doing it?

Ben: Every single day wake up, lie in bed and begin to feel what it feels like to be totally loved by someone. Feel it in every cell in your body. Get out of bed and walk around all day feeling what it feels like to be in a deeply loving relationship. Make sure that you remove any values conflicts you may have in regards to having a partner and then take the right action as in go on some dates. Do this for a few months and I am sure the results will show.

5. What do you think the biggest challenge is for single people looking for a partner?

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End Note: The most important relationship you can have is the relationship with yourself. Get that right and you’ll attract love in abundance. It works. If you want to know how it happened to me, drop me a note at 3oeverafter(@)

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