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A Review on Happn – The Tinder Alternative

A Review on Happn – The Tinder Alternative

Happn Review

So there’s a not so new dating app in town that no one is talking about in Australia…but should be. If the tiger selfies and inappropriate propositions (though that exists everywhere) are getting tired, you should try Happn. A review on Happn: 

How Happn Works:

It’s meant to be an app for missed connections but it works like Tinder and scans Happn users within a 250 metre radius. You can filter by age, though it isn’t exactly accurate. The app connects to Facebook but since I never entered my age into Facebook, Happn takes a guess at my age and is 3 years off (you can’t change it in your profile either).

I downloaded the app and within minutes had 20-30 people show up on my feed.

Click on their profiles and you’ll find their name, age, 1-2 line bio and where you crossed paths. If you like them, give them a heart, if you don’t, give them an x and they’re gone from your feed. Just like Tinder, you’ll only know there’s interest if it’s mutual.


The Charms:

With so many profiles to go through, sometimes the good ones can get lost. If you really want to get the attention of someone, you can send them a ‘charm’. This works like a notification so you don’t have to wait until she/he comes across your photo…Happn charms work like a Facebook ‘poke’.

When There’s a Match:

When there’s a match, a chat conversation will open. The matches were slow at first, you need to ‘invest’ time into browsing through the profiles. After that, it’s up to you to engage in conversation. There are many glitches with the messaging function so if you’re interested, take the conversation through another app.

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I’ve had girlfriends who have purposely made an effort to venture into new suburbs to get more matches.

Why Happn is better than Tinder

As my friend puts it, Happn has quality over quantity. You may not get as many matches but many of the men are young professionals with non sleazy profiles. Because it’s not positioned as  ‘hook up’ app, a lot of people I met actually had genuine intentions.

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  • The crappiest app ever.

    I had so many probblems and send many messages for support.

    Slow and unclear responses.

    Only to find out now ie over 6 months later that I was set up by the app by being a man (when I am obvioulsy a lady by my pic & name)
    Ànd of course I could not have known that myself because :
    You cannot access or change your name , npr age nor gender (invisible to yourself!)

    I want to cry

    Stupid f***stupid app

    Be warned

    • Oh no. That’s a terrible experience! I found a few glitches with the app too but the quality of men on the app was so much better than Tinder. I met my boyfriend through Happn. Thanks for sharing your story and let me know how you go with the other apps or ..just dating in general.

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