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7 Sydney Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Alcohol

7 Sydney Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Alcohol


7-date-ideas-sydney-no=alcoholWhen I tell people that I don’t drink the first question they ask most is – ‘What do you do for fun?’.  Seeing that alcohol has never been an option for me (allergies), I have a ton of date ideas that don’t involve alcohol. Here are just a few of my favourite date ideas in Sydney. No liquid courage involved here.

1. Bounce Around – Skyzone Alexandria

When there is nothing but trampolines around you, it’s hard not to channel your inner 9 year old. Dive or somersault into a big pool of foam or play a game of tag. An activity like this takes the edge off and gives you a nice distraction when your conversation tapers off. It’s $18 for an hour and $16 if you already have the grippy socks. 

Tip: This is not a date where you dress to impress. It’s a high aerobic activity that requires movement so gym gear is recommended. Oh and an hour at the park will be enough for you…you’ll be exhausted after the first 15minutes.

2. Trivia Night – Various Pubs Around Sydney

You’ll have to go to your local pub but it doesn’t mean you have to drink. Most pubs host trivia night during the week so if you have a lot of random facts up your sleeve, your date is likely to be impressed. Stay for dinner, weeknight specials are the best way to get a $10 steak. If you’ve never been to a trivia night, you might want to arm yourself with some knowledge on pop culture (especially movies playing in theatres), Australian history and current events before you go.

3. Ghost Tours – The Rocks

If you’re up for an adventure, head to The Rocks for a guided ghost tour. The sites they visit do get reports of sightings so only book if you dare. Even if you don’t believe in the supernatural you’ll still get a good history lesson.

4. Escape Room

Typically recommended for 4, escape rooms are a 1hour activity where you are confined in a room and challenged to find clues and solve puzzles to escape. The rooms are small but there are many clues to be discovered to help you escape. It’s a good bonding exercise. Don’t worry if you get stuck, the operators are their to give you a few hints along the way. We recommend Paniq Room.

Tip: Leave nothing unturned. Check everywhere for clues and then check again.

5. Arcade Games

You don’t see them around much anymore but arcade games are so fun. There’s nothing wrong with a little competition so grab some cash and head to the entertainment quarters are Harbourside in Darling Harbour.

6. The Coastal Walk

Day dates are awesome for those who don’t drink. Take your date on a coastal walk from Coogee to Bondi walk. It is 4.5km which will give you some time to have a proper chat. If you’re lucky you might just spot some dolphins riding the waves. August-October is a good time to spot whales migrating, you might just get lucky. 

7. Live Music – The Basement

Live music is always a good ice breaker. The Basement by Circular Quay has a good rotation of live bands but if jazz, swing and blues is your beat, head there on a Tuesday night to watch their 14 piece brass band into action. If you don’t have two left feet, put on your dancing shoes for a swing dance lesson before the band starts.

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