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Who Said You Can’t Find Love on a Dating App?

Who Said You Can’t Find Love on a Dating App?


Who Said You Can’t Find Love on a Dating App?

This post was an exciting one for me to write because when I first started this blog, I was single, new to the dating scene and a bit lost in all of the dating technology available. Who would have thought I’d meet my fiancee on a dating app – yep, he asked me to marry him a month ago and wedding plans are in the works (if you know of a great venue in New South Wales, please let me know!). I’ve had so many women tell me how difficult it is to meet men, that all men are jerks or that everyone on Tinder/every dating app is looking for a quick hook up. None of it is true – NONE OF IT. I know many great guys who are on those dating apps looking for something deeper than a hook up.  If that’s what you’re after too, consider the following tips for using online dating apps.

  1. Be Specific in Your Online Profile

With online dating, your profile is your first impression. Take the time to think of a profile description that reflects who you are. When I read C’s profile, it read that he was sporty, outgoing, adventurous and was looking for someone to share adventures with. He also put a disclaimer out that he wasn’t good at texting but preferred chatting over coffee instead. I thought his profile description was so endearing, it made me hit the ‘like’ button AND be the first to message him, something I’d never done before – best decision I ever made.

2. Be Very Selective in the Profile Images You Choose

I’m not going to sugar coat this – when it comes to dating apps, images capture more attention than text because it’s the first thing a guy will see when they come across your profile. Again, it’s best to select images that reflect your personality and lifestyle. I’ve spoken to dozens of men about this and they’ve given me a specific criteria for a good profile:

  1. Have 3-5 images (2 of the images should show the full body)
  2. If you can, include images of yourself (takes the guesswork out)
  3. About professional photography, it’s fine to have 1-2, any more than that is overkill
  4. If you include an image of your cleavage, it shows you’re only after one thing
  5. Keep the makeup natural
  6. And make sure your pictures are recent

3. Have a Good Mindset

Lastly, go into every date knowing you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Each experience will bring something new to your life either way.

Last month, the most loving, thoughtful and romantic man asked me to marry him and had I not downloaded the dating app like my friend (thanks Jenny!) suggested, I honestly don’t know if C and I would have crossed paths. You’ll never know unless you try it.

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I won’t go into detail about how he proposed but it was romantic, out of the blue and perfect and whether you’re single or coupled up, I hope you experience that kind of love in abundance.

Thanks for reading!

p.s. If you’re wondering which dating app we met on, it’s Happn. Read my review of the Happn dating app.

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