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Byron Bay: Romantic Weekend Getaway from Sydney

Byron Bay: Romantic Weekend Getaway from Sydney

romantic getaway in byron bay

Byron Bay – where shoes (and sometimes clothing) are optional. Byron Bay has always been one of those towns I visit when I’m on my way somewhere but this past weekend, Cristian and I dedicated a weekend to see the sights and absorb its chilled out vibes. If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway filled with good food, sunshine, shopping and slow down – this is the place for you. I came across so many nice spots that I had to put together a quick guide.

Length of stay:

It’s a small town so you won’t need more than a 3-4 day weekend to see and experience it all.

How to get there:

It’s a short 45 minute drive from the Gold Coast or you can fly straight into Ballina airport. From there, it’s a 30 minute drive into town. We rented a car thinking we’d go on a drive but where we stayed was so central to everything, we would’ve been better off getting an Uber from the airport.

Where to stay:

The Atlantic. It’s walking distance to town centre and it’s airy decor and sun lit filled rooms will make you feel like you’re spending summers in the Hamptons but with much friendlier people.

What to pack:

  • Swimsuits: several options, during summer, spring and even autumn it’s warm enough to hit the beaches.
  • Thongs/flip flops (unless you want to go barefoot like the locals do)
  • Coverup
  • Breathable clothing (it gets hot)
  • Sunscreen

Where to eat:


The Farm – if you come here for the scenery alone, it’ll be worthwhile.


Chihuahua – where the locals go

The Mez Club – we loved their pitas

Beaches – good views, good food


The Balcony – Happy hour is from 5-6pm and oysters are $1.

Three Blue Ducks – They have a set menu on Sundays which is a Sunday roast.

St.Elmo – Book ahead, especially on Saturday night.

See Also

Sticky Wicket – looks can be deceiving, the food is quite good!

What to do:

Sunsets in Little Wategos beach

Everyone raves about its big brother but if you follow the same trail that takes you to the Byron Bay lighthouse you’ll find another path that leads you to Little Wategos, home to the best sunset in NSW.

Kayaking on the main beach

Dolphins love the waters of Byron so if you join one of the kayaking tours available, you’re likely to see some turtles and dolphins. Unfortunately, we weren’t so lucky this time around. But the tour guide said that if we didn’t see any wildlife, we could go back.

Byron Bay markets

If you love homemade wares, natural skincare and healthy treats, you’ll love the Byron Bay markets. As far as markets go, it’s one of the biggest I’ve seen. Shop vintage clothing, handmade dream catchers and natural remedies while chilling out to the sounds of musicians singing along. You may need to plan your trip around the markets as they only happen first weekend of the month.

Get a massage at the Byron Bay Massage Centre

Two hours of kayaking really did a number of our backs. Our concierge actually recommended the place to us. That’s where we met Dale whom in an hour was able to fix a lot of our ailments. If you suffer from back problems or sit at a desk all day, I’d highly recommend paying Dale a visit. Book advance. Spots fill up fast.

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