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How to talk to your man about relationship limbo

How to talk to your man about relationship limbo

Relationship limbo is like the mullet of haircuts. Neither here nor there. And it’s NOT a good place to be when you just want to know where you stand in a relationship. Many women are afraid to bring up the topic in fear that it’s too soon or that the guy will run away but, with the right approach, you can find out where you stand, whether your relationship has legs and get yourself out of relationship limbo.

If he says he likes you but doesn’t want a relationship, you’ll know whether you want to invest more time into dating the guy. If he does want a relationship with you, it’s the perfect time to discuss what you’re both looking for. This takes the ambiguity out of a relationship and when both parties know where they stand, it’s so much easier to be present and enjoy your time together.

Top tips to keep in mind when talking to your man about relationship limbo

  • Create a safe space for him to share his feelings. Make it known that regardless of what he says, you’ll still support his decision.
  • Listen. When you ask him a question, wait for him to give you an answer…even if it means having to endure a few awkward silences
  • Be ready to leave. If a relationship is what you want and your man doesn’t want it, be ready to walk away.

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