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You’re in a serious relationship. Here’s what you need to know

You’re in a serious relationship. Here’s what you need to know

Guest post: Rosie Bella

The beginning of a relationship is so exciting. But around the 6 month mark, real life settles back in. If you and your partner have been dating for a while now, you’re probably wondering whether you should take the relationship a step further. Before you do, consider a few aspects about yourself that 30 Ever After has already listed. If all these boxes have been ticked, then you’re ready to enter a serious relationship.

This stage can be daunting for anyone, especially people who are used to casual dating. To keep your relationship in check, here are a few things you should know:

1. Communication is key

It’s important to acknowledge that misunderstandings are normal in a relationship. The best way to get through them is to communicate. Life coach Pricilla Martinez states that communication is the key to any relationship “in order to ensure both partners are moving in the same direction in terms of commitment”. It’s also so that you can avoid unnecessary heartbreak.

2. Give each other space

It’s healthy in a relationship for both parties to have some “me time”. Spending every day with your partner can turn toxic without warning, so learn to give each other space. A Bustle article on the importance of space in a relationship stated that periods of solitude can recharge your soul, thereby allowing you and your partner to give more to your relationship.

3. Things will eventually change

Some relationships end because one party refused to accept that certain aspects had shifted. Your needs, desires, and behaviours may evolve, thereby affecting the relationship. Yes, it’s natural for people to change over time. Instead of resisting these changes, embrace them. Think of them as part of your partner’s growth. When you are both accepting of each other’s changes you can work together to weather any issues that come up.

4. Relationships are not like onscreen romances

Romance portrayed in movies and TV makes for great entertainment. But it is simply not realistic. The Queen’s Journal focused on romantic comedies that don’t necessarily translate in real life. For instance, these films tend to convey that rejection or obstacles in love make the outcome more rewarding in the end. The truth is that lots of complications prove that a relationship just isn’t meant to be.

This factor is not just limited to movies and TV series. Ironically, the case is similar for romance-themed episodic programmes that market themselves as “realistic”. While reality TV often presents itself as authentic due to the use of hidden cameras, you can’t shake off the feeling that some captured moments are either scripted or manipulated for the audience’s entertainment. Take for example, the British reality show Love Island, where attractive singles are gathered in one place to mingle. Its format requires the participants to pair off or else risk elimination. With that in mind, it’s questionable whether the relationships in the show are real or simply forced. Ladbrokes points out that many of the couples featured on Love Island broke up just months after the show ended. So let that be a lesson: don’t base your relationship on onscreen romances.

5. Value the little things

Everyday actions matter more than how you treat a relationship on special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays. That means, you should always treat each day as an opportunity to prove your feelings, even if you have been together for years. Likewise, learn to appreciate the little things your partner does for you. Consistency is one factor that can make a relationship last.

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