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Best Dating Apps in Sydney

Best Dating Apps in Sydney

Almost every single I speak to is using some kind of dating app though they question if it really works. The answer is 100% YES. We’ll cover the best dating apps in Sydney here. But first, I need to set some expectations because dating apps are only a vehicle. They only bring you to potential matches, the rest of the work is up to you.

Dating apps do work but it depends on three things:

  1. What kind of person you’re looking for
  2. Finding the app that attracts that kind of person
  3. Your dating mindset

If you don’t go into dating with at the right mindset, you’ll struggle with dating – online or offline.

But let’s say that you:

  • are able to manage the anxiety and disappointment that dating can bring
  • can bounce back quickly after a relationship fizzles
  • can see every setback as a learning opportunity

Where do you begin? Here are the best dating apps in Sydney.


If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I met Cristian on Happn. Back when it launched in 2015-ish, my friend Jenny (thank you Jenny) referred to it as ‘like Tinder’ but with better quality matches. And she was right. I met a lot of young professional men who were looking for something beyond casual dating. The men had substance, they were polite, and most of them well mannered. It’s a dating app I still recommend to single in Sydney. I know of several YouTube famous people i.e. Chloe Morello who’ve met their husband on Happn. The app isn’t as popular as it used to be but don’t discredit it, there are still good men on there.

How Happn works

You see profiles from people who’ve crossed paths with within a certain radius. They come up in your feed and if you like them you make it know with a ‘heart’ button. If the other person feels the same, it’s a match and a conversation opens via chat. Like most dating apps, there are upgrades you can pay for to get more attention and matches. I wouldn’t recommend these. With the right dating profile, you can get plenty of matches without paying for it.


Bumble has had so much buzz lately. It’s no surprise. Men love it because they don’t have to be the first one to approach a woman online. Woman love it because it puts them in control and they don’t have to feel guilty about it. This app has also attracted many young professionals in their 20s and 30s.

How Bumble works

Like any other dating app except women have to be the first to engage a conversation after a match.

See Also

Ok Cupid!

Unlike Happn and Bumble, Ok Cupid! offers a lot more space to express yourself than the typical one line bio. What I love about this app though is the people it attracts, unique, alternative individuals. Think intelligent yet artsy hipster.

How Ok Cupid works

Fill in a 15 question survey and get matched with others based on your compatability. This isn’t just an app, you can access the site via your desktop too. Conversation starts only after there’s mutual interest.

Coffee Meets Bagel

These guys have brought something different to online dating. In an environment where dates are quantity over quality, Coffee Meets Bagel offers something completely opposite. You only get one match a day. If you choose to speak to your match, that’s it…until tomorrow. It really helps you prevent dating fatigue.

What are your favourite dating apps in Sydney?

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