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Top 3 dating apps for serious relationships

Top 3 dating apps for serious relationships

One of my most popular YouTube videos to date is a review of the top 5 dating apps of 2019. While they’re great in the way they function, not all are suited for those looking for a long term relationship. So if you’re looking for more than just a hookup or short term fling, here are the top 5 dating apps for those looking to get into a serious relationship.

Coffee Meets Bagel

One of the most popular apps of 2019, Coffee Meets Bagel recently underwent a few changes to distance itself from the hook-up culture. Stepping away from the typical features that most hook-up apps have, they’ve decided to get rid of swipes. It’s a move I definitely welcome seeing that they take the connection out of dating. I mean, imagine what dating apps would look like in real life… you wouldn’t swipe left and dismiss a person if you didn’t vibe with them. That’d be a bit rude. So why is it ok to do it online? Just like the 600+ comments I received in one of my recent videos – NOT ok.

But back to Coffee Meets Bagel. Aside from ditching all the typical dating app features, they’ve introduced: Chats before a match. Seeing that you only get one match a day, Coffee Meets Bagel now encourages you to chat to potential matches before you get matched up. Like Hinge, they’ll give you gentle nudges and conversation ideas.

Here’s where they stand re- dating in 2019:

“Take things slow” isn’t just good advice for when you’re already in a relationship. It applies to online dating, too. When you’re rushing to judge people just to get to the next match, it can feel like a game. But there are real people behind those profiles. So take things slow.- Coffee Meets Bagel on Twitter


If eHarmony had a younger cousin, it’d be Hinge. Hinge is one dating app I keep raving about. Their tagline is ‘Designed to be deleted’. Their mission is to help people find their ‘person’ so they can ditch dating apps for good. Like eHarmony, you’re asked a whole bunch of questions when you first sign up to the app – questions like your plans for marriage and children, religion and whether you’re looking for a partner who shares the same beliefs…etc. But unlike eHarmony, Hinge always asks you a whole bunch of fun ones. Expect to find writing prompts like:

“You should leave a comment if you like…”

“My most irrational fear is…”

“The darkest thing about me…”

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The newish kid on the block, Once is a blend of a dating app mixed in with some good old fashioned matchmaking. The idea is that you comment and ‘rate’ as many dating apps as possible and then match makers will swoop in and give you a match a day that suits your preferences and is someone close to you geographically. At the odd times, you may get a match that’s a little further from you but that usually happens if they don’t find anyone suitable closer.

I think this one has potential but still a little ways to go. Reviews have reported a few bugs and I think they still need to work on their member uptake.

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