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Can a psychic predict when you’ll meet your soul mate? We tested it.

Can a psychic predict when you’ll meet your soul mate? We tested it.

Months before I met Cristian, I went to see a psychic. One of the questions I asked him was whether he thought I’d meet someone soon. I was in my early 30s and I just wanted to know if I’d ever get off the merry go round of dating. Back then I had a terrible dating mindset. I dated from a place of fear – of being alone, of being too old to meet someone decent. This tarot reader had been spot on with many of my friends. And so I thought, why not? His name is Brian Wong and he has a makeshift stall on Temple Street in Hong Kong.

He pulled out a few cards and he told me I’d meet my guy by March the latest.

The end of March came and so did my first date with Cristian. I’ve often wondered if it was a coincidence or if it was me working harder to fulfil his prediction – either way it worked.

And so with that I wanted to see if psychics could really predict when you’ll meet your soul mate. I asked a single girlfriend to help me in my experiment. Here’s what we did:

Find a psychic

There are so many out there. I found mine in Hong Kong (he’s also available on What’s app). The first place we looked was to Etsy. Why? Because there are a bunch of readers who offer predictions PLUS a portrait of your soul mate. I’d never seen anything like that before so we picked a reader who did portraits and predictions. She has about 800+ positive reviews – promising.

Make the purchase

After you pick a reader, you make the purchase and send them your details i.e. photo and date of birth. The readers explain that they need a photo that shows your eyes to ‘read’ you properly.


Readers usually get back to you within 3-5 business days but it really depends on how busy they are. The order was a little late but after following up, the reader finally sent it through in the form of an email.

Results are in

For $40AUD, the reader sent through an in depth reading about 700-1000 words of content. The first section describes the man’s personality and his approach towards his career.

He is extroverted, he intends to gain the others on his side. From time to time, he must try to change the external reality to face his internal aspects. Even if others will not expect. he will have great success in life..

The next paragraph describes what he’ll be like in the relationship:

Having a relationship with you, he will learn to complete his projects one by one and he will also develop his potential to the maximum!

Things and events will bring you closer or apart, and everything that goes is meant to you two fulfill and reach the oneness!

And then the part that everyone wants to know is when it’s going to happen. She says that her prediction goes for the next 8 months:

See Also

I saw him being your twin flame and getting in touch at some point (my prediction could go for the next 8 months) you two might have a fulfillment relationship of this 3D dimension. 

This reading is also accompanied by a portrait.


We have no idea yet but I’ll keep you posted in 8 months.

Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash

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