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What it means when she touches you

What it means when she touches you



Hi, welcome back to the channel. My name is Iona and today we’re answering a viewer’s question, which is “What does it mean when a woman touches you?” So stay tuned.

So this question was followed by a series of other questions, which was like, “If a woman touches you, are they trying to flirt with you? Have you made it past the friend zone?” And if you’re asking these questions and a woman has been touching you, then the chances are, the answer is yes. Even if it’s just like a slight graze on the arm, or like, a tap on the head. Even if they haven’t expressed how they feel, they’re expressing it through their body language.

So remember, in a couple of videos, I talk about body language. So if that person is not even touching you, they’re just leaning in towards you. So you’re having a conversation and let’s say you’re both facing the same direction. A person who’s attracted to you, would kind of turn their shoulder, or remove like handbag, or remove obstacles in between you and them. So where they’re facing; and how they position their shoulders; and their hips, really says a lot. That has one subtle clue.

Another subtle clue is, if they make an excuse to sit beside you. So let’s just say you all go out for a friend’s birthday dinner, and there’s a whole bunch of chairs. And just so happens you find that this person always finds a way to get a seat right next to you. And it happens all the time. So that could be very, very likely and maybe not even intentionally. They might be even doing this unconsciously.

But if they get to the point where they’re touching you, even if it’s like a “Oh you’re so funny”, and then a tap on the head, or just like, a little like a brush on your arm, they’re definitely into you. Because let me tell you, a woman doesn’t go out of the way to do that, unless they’re just overly flirty. And even if someone is just generally flirty by nature, they have to have some sort of attraction to you in order for them to even want to touch you like that. Think about people you’re attracted to, versus people you’re not. I mean, people you’re attracted to, even though you may not want to pursue a relationship with them, your body language is different. So watch that.

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Other cues to know if a woman’s into you, could be eye contact. Are they making eye contact? Unless they’re extremely, extremely shy. The person who is interested in you, will find ways to look at you or smile at you, and watch out for the pupils, if they dilate or not. If they’re always laughing or smiling, chances are, they’re probably into you. So if you’ve read all your body language signals correctly and a woman finds a way or an excuse to touch you, then they’re definitely, definitely into you.

So what next? If you find that they are into you, then great, that’s awesome! Just reciprocate. Take the lead. They’ve kind of met you, in a sense, not like halfway; a quarter of the way. So the more you reciprocate, then the more your early budding romance will progress.

So I hope that answers your question. If you have any more questions or just any general comments, leave it in the comment section below. And if you liked this channel, please click like and subscribe and I’ll see you in the next one. Thanks for watching. Bye!

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